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Application Security Weekly (Audio)

Jan 26, 2021

This week, we welcome back Taylor McCaslin, Sr. Product Manager of Secure at GitLab, to discuss Reading Industry Analyst Tea Leaves To Predict The Future! It's analyst season with the new Forrester Wave on SAST recently published as well as Gartner's Application Security Testing Magic Quadrant publishing in April. We'll talk about what are analyst reports, how should you use them, and how should you interpret placement on them as as I like to call it, reading the analyst tea leaves.


In the AppSec News, an overflow and a flawed regex paint an RCE picture for Kindle, messaging apps miss the message on secure state machines, three pillars of a data security strategy for the cloud, where DoH might fit into AppSec, and all the things that can go wrong when you give up root in your Kubernetes pod!


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