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Application Security Weekly (Audio)

Oct 24, 2023

We return to discussions of OAuth and all sorts of authentication. This time around we're looking at the design of authentication protocols, the kinds of trade-offs they weigh for adoption and security, and how a standard evolves over time to keep pace with new attacks and put to rest old mistakes.

Segment resources:

Oct 17, 2023

It's no surprise that OT security has fared poorly over the last 30+ years. To many appsec folks, these systems have uncommon programming languages, unfamiliar hardware, and brittle networking stacks. They also tend to have different threat scenarios. Many of these systems are designed, successfully, to maintain...

Oct 11, 2023

What if all these recommendations to shift left were more about shifting focus? It's all too easy to become preoccupied with vulns, whether figuring out how to find them earlier in the SDLC or spending time fixing them within specific number of days. Successful DevSecOps approaches can be so much more than just...

Oct 3, 2023

Communication is a skill that doesn't appear on top 10 lists, rarely appears as a conference topic, and doesn't appear enough on job requirements. Yet communication is one of the critical ways that security teams influence developers, convey risk, and share knowledge with others. Even our own Security Weekly site falls...