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Application Security Weekly (Audio)

Sep 27, 2022

Applications are the most frequent external attack vector for companies. However, application security can improve only if developers either code securely or remediate existing security flaws — unfortunately, many don’t receive training with proper security know-how. In this session, we will talk about the state...

Sep 20, 2022

Appsec places a lot of importance on secure SDLC practices, API security, integrating security tools, and collaborating with developers. What does this look like from a developer's perspective? We'll cover API security, effective ways to test code, and what appsec teams can do to help developers create secure code.


Sep 13, 2022

Go releases their own curated vuln management resources, OSS-Fuzz finds command injection, Microsoft gets rid of Basic Auth in Exchange, NSA provides guidance on securing SDLC practices, reflections on pentesting, comments on e2e


Shifting left has been a buzzword in the application security space for several years...