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Application Security Weekly (Audio)

Jan 17, 2023

We're aren't recording this holiday week, so enjoy this ASW throwback episode! Main host Mike Shema selected this episode to share as it's still relevant to the AppSec community today. 


This week, we welcome Nuno Loureiro, CEO at Probely, and Tiago Mendo, CTO at Probely, to talk about Dev(Sec)Ops Scanning Challenges & Tips! There's a plenitude of ways to do Dev(Sec)Ops, and each organization or even each team uses a different approach. Questions such as how many environments you have and the frequency of deployment of those environments are important to understand how to integrate a security scanner in your DevSecOps processes. It all comes down to speed, how fast can I scan the new deployment? Discussion around the challenges on how to integrate a DAST scanner in DevSecOps and some tips to make it easier.


In the AppSec News: View source good / vuln bad, IoT bad / rick-roll good, analyzing the iOS 15.0.2 patch to develop an exploit, bypassing reviews with GitHub Actions, & more NIST DevSecOps guidance!


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