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Application Security Weekly (Audio)

Feb 8, 2022

Security is one of the most evolving and impactful landscapes in the regulatory sphere. Proposed initiatives in the areas of Incident Response, Software and Product Assurance, Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure (CVD), and IoT or Connected Products Regulations are among the most active and developing areas of security policy around the world. This evolving landscape also serves as an opportunity for innovation and research collaboration. Elazari will walk us through some of the most recent trends in policy proposals shaping the future of security. We will also talk about bug bounties and vulnerability disclosure, what are some of the industry's best practices in this area, how to implement these programs to foster security, collaboration and transparency, and how this connects to the policy momentum and its impact on security researchers. In the AppSec News, Vulns in an HTTP/3 server, path traversal in Argo CD, Log4Shell from the perspective of Log4j devs, DHS launches Cyber Safety Review Board, OSSF launches Alpha and Omega projects, resources for learning reverse engineering and appsec!


Show Notes:

Segment Resources:

- Project Circuit Breaker:

- Project Circuit Breaker Landing Page:

- Intel’s 2021 Product Security Report:


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